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About Grey to Green

Grey to the Green is your One-stop shop where you will find not just organic products but ones that give results. Don’t believe us? Our international accreditation speaks for our eco-friendly and innovative solutions to do away with Eco-toxin. As we spearhead modernity and a scientific approach, we are true to our roots with a tribal touch. Yes, our certification is international but, our products come from Indian fauna, Indian flora & Indian Biodiversity. A country known for its rich culture & heritage and also its harmonious tryst with nature.

Put an end to the use of various toxic ecocidal chemicals. Switch to our products that are better sustainable alternatives. If a greener-cleaner life is what you seek, Grey to the Green is your answer! 

Take home some tribal vanvasi touch today!

"Through our products in fact you invest in not only your future but also in your children's and grandchildren's health and well-being not to forget those lots of tribal co-citizens in the deep forest's ecosystem"

Get to know us!

The human body is a beautiful biome in itself. This habitat is surrounded by several organisms that sometimes turn the entire system upside down. The parasites we fail to see with our naked eyes can often wreak havoc in terms of our health and well-being. 

Quantum Innovation comes from a space of formulating solutions exclusively for such issues. Our brand Grey to the Green offers a fine range of products that take up very little space in your living & work areas and truly make a difference. Our products target the harmful co-dwellers in areas where we spend most of our time unaware of their existence. 

In times of climate change, where we’re immersed in all forms of pollution, our aim is to offer organic, eco-friendly, ethically sourced solutions. With the goodness of ingredients such as neem, clove, bay leaves, eucalyptus and cinnamon – our blends are an effective repellant for deadly allergens. Our products are backed by extensive research, approved by USA-EPA, and have been tested by competent authorities in Europe and India. Our team of eco & analytical scientists, molecular biologists, and native forest dwellers have come together to showcase the goodness of elements that have always been a part of Indian households. These very facts make our products a sustainable choice for your kitchens, bedrooms, living areas, and offices.

Even with a solid team of modern-day experts, our products are sourced from nature’s abode. Our solutions are gifts unraveled by Mother Earth to continue having a symbiotic relationship with the organisms that surround us. We are aware that almost any product available in the market today is full of toxic elements. It comes in our way of wanting to lead a sustainable life. Therefore, our team of experts have relied on natural ways to get rid of undesirable organisms in our ecosystem. Harvested from the womb of forests, the products carry a mystical blend to ward off harmful creatures. They are a safe way to get rid of the menace we so entirely detest. At Grey to the Green, we aim to create solutions for problems that may arise, keeping in mind the challenges of today. 

At the end of the day, your health and well-being in central to the development of our products. It is your needs that are on top of our think tank.

What makes out product different?​

The Ingrediants

Grey to the Green has researched and built a chain of products that are far from toxic. It is packed with the wholesomeness of clove, neem, and cinnamon. Our active ingredient Azadirachtin acts as an anti-bug agent and can protect you from insects that often hide in plain sight. We assure you that the usage of these products is what makes our products your best friend towards hygiene! Picked from the choicest spices available in the forests, these products carry a touch of old mystic vanvasis.  The key ingredients of our products are sourced from the core of nature. We have utilised the powers of flora from several corners of India, ranging from the Western Ghats to the Himalayas. It is known that India is a nation that has harvested the goodness of what nature can offer to counter the anomalies of nature itself.


Since the product is purely organic, it leaves behind no chemical-like stench. We are always caught up in a dilemma when we pick up toxic products to defend ourselves from pests. But, Grey to the Green now has the right solution for you! Beat the eco-villans with an eco-friendly range of products!

Diverse Usage Range

Where can buster be used? Everywhere! We are not lying. You can keep these in kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, utility areas, offices and almost anywhere. The tests have proven that our products are safe to be used anywhere and will not cause any damage. Rather, they will feel like a valuable addition to your personal areas, where they will fight to keep out undesirable elements like insects.


The ingredients of our product have been registered and tested by the USA-Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA). Additionally, it has been tested by a lab registered under the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. While our products ooze out the goodness of plants and feel like a comfortable bed made of organic elements, we have achieved this feat with the vision of modern-day requirements. We have kept up with the scientific standards, tested out products for the validity of our claim and now, stand before you with a suite of solutions to get rid of pests.


Our products are far better as an alternative than products full of chemicals. Bugster is available at a reasonable rate and is indeed a healthy addition to your home utility list. When nature provides us with everything at no cost, it is only right that we create solutions from it and make them available at accessible rates. The dream of sustainability can be realised only when the solutions are affordable and practical for usage. You can now say hello to products Made in India!


In these times of pollution, our product leaves you with one less headache. That is the disposal of the product. You can simply discard it in the soil like any other safe biowaste. This simply substantiates that we are truly chemical-free! Having received a green card from top labs, we have no facade to put up for our products. We deliver what we claim – an organic solution!


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