Mark your house, children and mainly kitchen & clinics safe from insects. Bugster can be used as a repellant as well as be trusted for its organic properties. Worry less about toxins with this Made in India solution.

Active Ingredient

 Aza Pure (ai)


Organic pest controller


A.I US EPA Registered

How It Works

Unpack Goodness

Bugster contains  Neem with Aza Pure (ai), clove, bay leaf, pepper, cinnamon, basil, and eucalyptus. It is safe to say it is a safe organic solution.

No side-effects

Introducing Bugster into your living and working spaces is one of the safest ways to terminate bugs. Its natural components cause no harm whatsoever unlike killer chemical-filled products on the market.


In a world that is becoming harsher on the environment day by day, Bugster is a solution that makes no compromise. It protects your family and finally disintegrates into the soil, leaving behind no trace of waste or chemical residue.

Easy usage

Unwrap the plastic off the pouch and place it in your kitchen, store rooms, clinics, offices, and pantries. Due to its organic nature, you can even place in grains & pulses containers.

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