It not just to dust mites but also harmful chemicals and toxins. The use of CHECKMITE has been proven as the only effective way to reduce dust mite menace. Use a greener solution that can be trusted based on certification.


Active Neem Components


Patented Formulation


200 ML

How it works

Stop the dust mite menace

All around the globe allergies are the most common site. They are mostly aggravated by dust. In this case, dust mites can act as real enemies that lead to HDM allergy is estimated to affect around 90 million people in Europe, North America, and Japan, and more than 100 million in China. It is time to put a full stop to this problem with CHECKMITE

Eco-friendly steps

By now we all know the effects toxins can have on our bodies. When we try to switch to eco-friendly products, the market is full of adulterated elements. Grey to the Green brings a better solution to the table that contains nothing but organic substances.

Tested and certified

Whom can we trust in a market filled with fake products that promise unrealistic results? Switch to CHECKMITE. Not only is it tested to give promising results but also has the certification to substantiate its effectiveness

Child safe, family safe!

Children are often a target of brutal allergies because of their underdeveloped immune systems. Their body reacts very aggressively to allergies when compared to adults. Hence, it is important to pick a product that will not be harmful to children with all their toxins. CHECKMITE can be sprayed lavishly in your homes and workspaces and it will cause no harm in case children to come in contact with it

Magic Potion

CHECKMITE can be sprayed in large amounts on different surfaces, where it will be absorbed and stop dustmite growth. Dust mite choose to avoid surfaces coated with this magic tribal solution. Though it presents itself in a simple manner, CHECKMITE is a giant that will crush the root of allergies.

Yes Spray, No Smell

CHECKMITE not only controls dustmite but also acts as a pleasant air freshener. It has a herbal essence that spreads in the air and creates a welcoming environment for everyone. Unlike products that smell harsh and aggravate sinusitis, CHECKMITE goes mild on our system and does its job in the backend. 

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